Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A look at salaries for City of Annapolis employees

It is budget time for the City of Annapolis.  The new mayor, Mike Pantelides, has proposed a series of job eliminations, furloughs, and lay-offs for the City of Annapolis.  The local Annapolis newspaper, The Capital, has done a great public service by publishing the salaries for city employees.  And even though I know most of the information is public record, I do have to disagree with their publishing the individual's name alongside the salary data.  I think it would have been sufficient to just publish each position without the name or with a non-traceable ID.  But I took the data they provided and turned it into a data visualization that you can explore to see exactly which departments comman the highest salaries and employ the most individuals in the city.

I took the data from The Capital's Data Center: Annapolis webpage.  The only thing I did to change the data for the visualization is group departments into what I call "Sectors".  You can hover over the column header in the top bar chart and click the plus button to see how I grouped departments into sectors.  For instance, I took fire, police, and emergency management and grouped them into "Public Safety".  I also removed the names from the data source for my visualization and replaced them with IDs that should be non-traceable.  I did this to protect the privacy of lower level city employees.

Eventually I would like to get my hands on the City of Annapolis budget and see if I can create one of those budget tools that allow you to make your own cuts or increases and then see the impact of your decisions.

Let me know what you think of this visualization in the comments below and if you would like to see this data presented in a different format.

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