About Me

I have read there are two types of data visualization people:  data people who dabble in design or designers who dabble in data.  I am a data person (sort of) who dabbles in design.  I am learning the art of data visualization and this blog is more or less my effort to document my efforts and learn from mistakes and promote my successes.

I've been a Tableau user since 2011 when I stumbled across it while looking for a better way to create charts at work.  This blog came into creation for the purpose of submitting an entry for a Tableau contest.  I didn't win that contest, but I was hooked.  The next contest I entered was the "Evil Viz" contest, and I won!  Since then, I try to post a new visualization at least once or twice a month.

I am currently a hockey dataviz contributor for St. Louis Game Time and have provided hockey data visualizations for McKeen's Hockey and Hockey Abstract.  

I live in the Annapolis area where I volunteer for environmental organizations, sail, and watch and play hockey.

You can email me at robbtufts.dataviz at gmail