Friday, January 4, 2013

What states do hockey players come from in the US?

As a hockey fan, I follow several hockey bloggers and hockey reporters on Twitter.  Earlier today, hockey writer James Mirtle from The Globe and Mail tweeted out a link to a very well organized Google Docs spreadsheet (with a nice chart embedded) in which he had compiled stats regarding where hockey players  have come from within the United States.  Since there isn't much other hockey stats going on right now with the lockout I'm looking for all sorts of other hockey related data viz projects and took advantage of the data he made available.

Nothing fancy, just a quick look at where hockey players are coming from within the U.S.  And yes...I used pie charts!  With only two categories to compare and the fact that I could size them to show the total overall for each state I thought this would be a quick and dirty way to get the point across.  While it might seemed jumbled you can hover over a state to highlight that state on the map, you can also pan zoom on the map (hover over the map for controls) and you can also filter by region so you can get a closer look groupings of states.  I would be curious to know what some of the data viz community think of this use of pie charts.  After all, back in the day I think I saw a similar type of map/pie chart combo on Tableau's website...

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PS:  You can find more of my hockey related data viz here.

PPS:  Someone from Reddit wanted to see per capita so here it is...


  1. Good to know that there is somebody who is not afraid of pie charts :)

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