Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Thank you for putting me in the top 1% of Tableau authors!

I received an email from Tableau today.  It thanked me for being in the top 1% of Tableau Public authors.  Really...I'm in the top 1% of Tableau Public authors?  That is pretty fantastic and I have all of YOU to thank for it.  I really have appreciated all the support I've received from friends, colleagues, and fellow Tableau users.  Many of you have RT my postings on Twitter.  Some of you have posted a link to my blog on your site.  Whatever the case may be, I am grateful for all the support, feedback, and visitors I have received at this site.  

I assume the metric they are using is the number of views for the visualizations I have created and posted on my blog.  So I thought I would put together a quick viz showing the top 10 posts by page views.

I'm not sure what that means, but it does get me additional storage space for my Tableau Public account (and who doesn't want more storage space?).

So thank you very much for visiting my blog and for all your support.


  1. Congrats Robb! Amazing distinction, and well deserved. I've learned a lot from your projects over the past couple of years. Keep em coming!

  2. Thank you Ben! I have visited your blog on more than one occasion to look for solutions to my Tableau problems, or just to pick up new ideas.

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