Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Birds Do It, Bees Do It Part 2

Everyone makes mistakes.  Unfortunately, it seems like I make more mistakes than most.  Also, sometimes it seems I make more obvious mistakes than others.  Such is the case with my "Birds and Bees" viz from last year.
It has come to my attention recently that I made one of the cardinal (pun intended) mistakes of data viz.  I didn't get to know my data very well.  I overlooked the fact that the data I received has all the types of activities, regardless of whether or not the animal being observed engaged in that activity.  There was a field labeled status that informed you whether or not the animal was actually observed engaging in that specific activity.  Well, I overlooked that basic information.  So I went back when I had a couple of moments to spare while waiting for reports to download and fixed the viz.  

Here is the accurate version...

There are far fewer birds now and I can actually size the map icons so you can get a very general idea of the number of observations for a particular location.  

I was always rather pleased with this specific viz, so I am glad to have a more accurate version of it now.  

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